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Our Business

Sankofa Lumber processes close to two million board-feet of reclaimed framing lumber annually for use in commercial-scale manufacturing and construction. Our wood comes from construction sites throughout the Portland area, and is modern-era lumber. This isn’t old-growth wood that won’t take a nail - save those beauties for custom furniture and flooring!

As a business-to-business supplier, we know that quality control, volume, dependability, and competitive pricing are essential to our customers’ operations. We also know that these are the biggest challenges for using reclaimed lumber at a commercial scale. That’s why we built Sankofa… to address those challenges head-on and become a leader in reuse through innovative supply chain relationships.

Our Goals


“Green” and “local” shouldn’t cost more. We add value without adding cost, because sustainability shouldn’t be a luxury.


We involve our customers in quality control from the start. We only promise what we can deliver. If we make a mistake, we fix it.


From customer service to maintaining our tools, we take pride in a job well done. “If it’s not worth doing right, it’s not worth doing.”


Our Products & Services

Our customers manufacture roof and floor trusses, pallets, paper, furniture, and similar products in large quantity runs. We work closely with our buyers to develop quality controls that meet their needs.

Solid lumber products are primarily softwood framing lumber common to the Pacific NorthWest.

All of our wood is FSC-certified as 100% post-consumer recycled, and meets a host of green building/manufacturing standards, including Living Building Challenge, LEED, and many government and corporate sustainable procurement policies.



SecondStory wood paneling

We’re excited to announce a new product line of interior architectural surfaces, manufactured from construction waste.

Over 500,000 tons of wood products are discarded each year from construction sites in Oregon - OSB, plywood, and dimensional lumber.

We’re turning those materials into flooring, casework, wall cladding, and more.

3/"4” cross-laminated reclaimed OSB

3/"4” cross-laminated reclaimed OSB


Pallet Stock

Solid or notched stringers in nominal 2x4 are pre-cut for standard pallet sizes, or can be cut to custom lengths. Nominal 1x4 and 1x6 deck boards also available. Lumber is a standard fir mix common to the Pacific Northwest (hem-fir, Doug fir, SPF.)

We can also provide standard reclaimed pallets in quantity.


custom Pre-Cut Lumber

We can increase your capacity and shorten run times by pre-cutting all the “little bits” that slow down your production, whether for a large construction project or an ongoing production line. Anywhere you need 100s or even 1000s of pre-cut pieces of wood - blocking in stick-frame buildings, webbing in trusses, or even upholstered furniture framing.

We stock 2x4, and 2x6 framing lumber in standard S4S nominal dimensions. Choose custom lengths, or random lengths (specify a minimum length.)


Wood Chips

Clean wood chips for pulp and fiber industries, landscaping and agricultural applications, erosion control products, or biomass fuel. We hand-sort all of the wood waste that we receive to prevent contamination of paint or other unsuitable material. Powerful magnets on our industrial equipment remove any metal.


Community Outreach

We’re committed to providing benefits to our community in Portland through green workforce development and material donations. Contact us if your non-profit organization is looking for reclaimed building materials for a community project, “green-collar” job training opportunities, or a learning tour and presentation about how a circular economy is good for people and planet.

Our Team


Valerie Carey, VP & Co-founder

In 2015, Valerie watched a 25-ton pile of discarded lumber go through an industrial grinder to be sold as boiler fuel. With over 20 years in residential construction and managing two iconic reused building material stores - Urban Ore in Berkeley and the ReBuilding Center in Portland - she immediately recognized that diverse commercial markets could utilize this material at the scale that it was being ground up and burned or landfilled.

She shared her vision with Alando Simpson at City of Roses Disposal & Recycling, and they began developing Sankofa Lumber soon after.

Often covered in mud and sawdust, don’t be surprised if a few dog treats fall out of her pockets. She’s training her adopted rescue dog as a personal assistant.

Alando Simpson.jpg

Alando Simpson, President & Co-founder

As the president of his family’s hauling and disposal business, City of Roses Disposal & Recycling (COR), Alando carries the torch of his father’s legacy as a community-minded business owner. Started nearly two decades ago as a one-man hauling operation, COR now employs four dozen people who are leading the Metro region with some of the highest diversion rates of any solid waste facility.

Alando continues to drive forward the core ethos of the family business: no resources – environmental, human, or monetary – should be wasted.

Outside of work, he enjoys free time with his family or you can find him in a CrossFit gym or coaching youth basketball.


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